Sunday, December 4, 2011

Outcome of Final Follow Up Appointment-and I am NOT a Happy Camper

I know it's been a week since my follow up appointment but it seriously took this long just to come to terms with how horribly that appointment went down. After 2 bouts of antibiotics and 2 months of waiting it down, Dr. S. decided that it was time to "get those things outta you." My jaw plates have not healed properly and all the problem seems to be with my gums. I had xrays taken and the bones looked amazing still but for some reason my gums won't heal over the two plates on the side of my face. So my worst nightmare is now my crappy reality-I am having jaw plate removal surgery on December 15th :(

I was super upset about this-to a point where I barely asked any questions before I ran out of there sobbing like 3 year old who had their candy stolen from them, but Dr. S. called me a couple days later to check in and we were able to go over all my fears.

Thankfully I will NOT have go be banded shut or go on a liquid diet. The surgery will, however, be conducted under general anesthesia again but will only take about 45 mins and I will be an outpatient and can home home that evening. I'll have to stick to a soft foods diet and take antibiotics for 10 days, AND there will still be lots of swelling/bruising to look forward to, but he's pretty confident that I will look somewhat normal in time for Christmas-YAY!

That's all for now. Pre op appointment is on the 14th where I'll get all my lab work done, pick up my meds and start my freak out sesh ;) Will update then! :D

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  1. Im glad everything is doing better, and that the infection didnt result in anything serious.