Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Months Out! Where did time go?

I can't believe how much time I let pass since I posted but here's a quick rundown of doc's visits/swelling/progress:

Oral Surgeon Visits:  The antibiotics didn't end up bringing my swelling down at all, unfortunately.  When I was done with my first round, Dr. S. had me in the office saying I really needed to start opening my mouth wider than the 4 mm I was at, before he gave me the okay to start chewing.  I'm just on two bands now that I wear 24/7 except when I'm eating/brushing my teeth hoping that these plates will cooperate.  When I went back to see him this past Monday, he told me that the infection, which he so kindly refers to as an 'irritation' is getting pretty bad on the two plates on my sides (so the one in my chin is doing just fine). 10 more days of antibiotics and praying and wishing in store... I go back for my follow up on the 22nd of Nov. and if my body isn't loving on my plates by then, I'll have to make an appointment for plate removal surgery in December.  EPIC BOO.  This scares me so much as it would be under general anesthesia, banded shut, the whole deal.  The good thing is that my bones are completely fused so this wouldn't mean a reversal of the original surgery.  I'll post after THAT appointment. (P.S. I got the okay to start chewing this past Monday and have already put on 5 or so pounds :( I wish he would just band my mouth again, lol)

Ortho Visits: I've seen my ortho every week since surgery just so he can keep up on my progress/bite, etc.  He gave me a little ruler that goes up to 50 mm and said that was my goal on how wide I could open my mouth!  I measured my husband's mouth and open wide it was at 55 mm so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get to 50 mm.  A couple of days ago he changed out my chains and made an appointment for a longer visit so I could have my brackets replaced because I  guess the surgeon had to shave down my brackets so they don't have 4 prongs like they normally should.  I'll officially be back on my adjustments on Nov. 23rd.

In other news:  I had fun with Halloween this year by dressing up as a mime for the irony of it all. 

The swelling hasn't gone down much in the past four weeks so I'm hoping this antibiotic does something miraculous soon!

Thanks for following!

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