Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 Days Post Surgery Number 2

Short rundown of the last week...

Surgery last Thursday went perfectly!  It was so much nicer being in outpatient services since I didn't have to spend the night and got to be with my puppies that night :)  Surgery took about an hour and I spent another hour or so in recovery yelling things like aaaaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh lalalbooooo aaaaaaaaa... it was quite adult and useful to the nurses.  I'm pretty sure my English speaking brain was saying, "F*CK this hurts and my throat burns!"  They were able to remove the two side plates and 6/8 screws as two of them were so dug into my jaw bone that it would have hurt way to much too carve out that bone to get them out...which makes me wonder how the hell they got the plates out w/ out taking out the final screws; but I won't let my mind go there.

I'm sticking to soft foods but not liquid like last time and I ice packed non stop for the first three days but went back to work sans Vicodin on Monday-definitely should have taken this day off.  I was NOT ready-super nauseous and my face was all sorts of purple.  It has since turned yellow, swelling has gone down tremendously and I went back for my post op today and got to see all the lovely holes the screws left in my jaw in a weird halo xray.  Also-bittersweet news, that was my last surgeon appt EVAH!  I gave the staff hugs but made sure they knew that I wasn't going to miss them TOO much.  Time to heal so I can look cute before New Year's!  I go back to the ortho on the until then, xo.


  1. Hey! I was just wondering how you are healing after having the plate and screw removal surgery? Are the ones that were left behind still causing you any problems? Which ones were removed - upper or lower jaw? Hope you are doing well!!

  2. Hi oc mama and Braced Blogger! Thank you so much for checking in on me and I'm so sorry for not getting back sooner. I'm about to post an update to fill everyone in since I totally lagged it this week :( Surgery went great and my stitches fell out a couple days before surgery and I'm back to my regular ortho appointments to close up my gaps. Also-I'm getting lots of feeling in my lips/mouth but not yet in my gums. (@Braced Blogger-the removal was in my lower jaw and I can't even feel the ones left behind thankfully :)

    I'm posting now regarding more info about physical therapy and how my gums are healing. Thanks again for following! I'm so glad this is almost all over...