Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Removal of Hardware Surgery Tomorrow!

Just got home from my pre-op appointment and I'm all set to have surgery tomorrow at 11 am.  I'm having two of the three plates removed and their screws (which I can actually feel AND see both on the outside of my jaw and inside of my gum lines) so I'm actually excited about having them taken out.  He said out of the 150 jaw surgeries he's done this year, I will be his first removal and he's doing one more on 12/26 for another patient.  This further intensified my theory of how horrible my luck is.  Dr. S also stated that there are only two reasons that the gums wouldn't heal properly; either you try to chew too early in the recovery process or your body just doesn't accept the metal.  I was cracking up because him and I both know that I am DEFINITELY in the latter bracket of this hell since I barely open my mouth/chew now as it is.

The cool thing is that I only received Vicodin for pain afterwards and no antibiotics, which I found surprising but definitely happy with.  So I'll be going in tomorrow morning after having starved myself for hours on end ;), surgery will be approximately one hour and then I'll spend one hour in recovery.  I will be released the same day and I'll be all stitched up but not banded or anything; after which I'll be on a liquid/soft foods diet for some time until my stitches fall out in 2 weeks hopefully in time for New Year's!
P.S. I'm only taking 2 days off work so here's hoping it all goes perfectly!

Will post after surgery xo

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