Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost 3 Weeks Out! Time flies when you're having oh, so, much fun...

A lot has happened in the last week but I haven't had any energy to update for some reason.  I'll start with the monumental stuff:

1. I can now use a spoon (although it is extremely messy and not worth it so I'm still slurping everything out of a cup)
2. I discovered Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  'Nuff said.
3. I started going back to class last night which means... I DROVE.  aka I did not take any Vicodin yesterday :(  I had some liquid Tylenol to keep me going and I was fine throughout class but I was starving and could hardly focus.

This will be quick because I just realized I have a post op in 20 minutes and I'm sipping a shake and am in pjs, as you do when you're a responsible adult.  I'll update more after the appointment as I have a bunch of questions to ask him anyway.  :D


  1. Hi! I was interested in this post in that I have been wondering what your energy level is like at 2 weeks. I'm not as much worried about the swelling and bruising when I go back to work, as I am worried about being able to last through the day. I guess hunger is an issue as well.

    Good luck in class! What are you studying?

  2. Hunger and my energy level definitely go hand in hand these past couple of weeks. The first week and a half I was so tired and nauseous and the anesthesia was leaving my body so I never felt hungry. I had dinner only once. But once I started getting hungry at week 3, I started forcing myself to eat at least 3x a day and now I'm able to stay up through the day and sleep through the night. I tire out really easily but I find not taking my pain meds, which make me sleepy, and making sure my blood sugar is high by having constant yogurt fruit drinks on hand is helping tons. I got my okay for non chewing soft foods at my week 3 appt!! I'll post about that soon :)

    Oh, and I went back to school to get my certificate in Paralegal Studies since my bachelors didn't get me far, lol. One more semester!