Monday, October 10, 2011

3 Weeks and 4 Days out

Where do I even begin?  So much progress has taken place the last week so I'll try to sum it all up.

Last weekend was my first weekend out in public (with people...eeks!) when I got voluntold to sell tickets at Oktoberfest.  This is my mom's way of telling me to suck it up and get out there ;)  I ended up having a super hard time yelling out answers to millions of retarded questions through that little spot in the ticket window but I'm really proud of myself for lasting through two consecutive day shifts of that.  About 50% of the people just nodded when I yelled (to be nice for sure) and the rest just pointed at their own mouths and said "ohhhhhhh" as if they knew what was going on.  There are still quite a few letters I have a hard time pronouncing so I was semi frustrated but it was nice to re join the public again!

Fantastic things that happened this week:
1. My nurse came up to my ticket window at Oktoberfest which was a total surprise and we both kinda looked at each other like "Do I know youuuu?" before she yelled out "OMG! ARE YOU ALL BETTER????? I WAS YOUR NURSEEEE!!!!"' I shared her enthusiasm because she took such good care of me so it was nice to see her again and meet her son.
2. I managed to stay away from the beer garden.  This is not fantastic, however, since I couldn't eat anything there and I wasn't drinking due to all the meds I'm on, my awesome hubs and his bestie took me out to dinner which leads me to thing number two: not only had our server had jaw surgery herself at 14, she blended me up some pazole soup that was delicious!! I made a complete mess, had cilantro hanging out of my teeth, used seven napkins but I felt like a princess.
3. When I went back to class on  Tuesday night, my professor announced to the whole class that I was missed and what I'd just gone through and asked me to smile big for everyone to see.  He is a cruel, cruel man.  Lol.  Turns out my classmate to my left had also had jaw surgery and shared her experience with me, way cool.

In other news, I am becoming Martha Stewart Jr. from the sheer bordeom of staying home.  I have so far made the following items which I cannot eat:
1. Homemade Strawberry Jam (yes, I know, I'm amazing ;)
2. Homemade Creamy Peanut Butter
3. Banana Bread from scratch
4. Italian meatballs from scratch
5. Chive and Parmesan and Spinach stuffed Chicken Breast
6. Chicken Rissoto
7. Halloween Crafts with cool lollipops

The moral of the story? I NEED TO GO BACK TO WORK.

 Week 3 shots... still lots of swelling but bruising is ALL GONE!

I will post a separate post about the doctor's office visit last Wednesday.  (special hello and good luck to my online jaw buddy, Tiffany, who is having jaw surgery tomorrow morning in the UK!)

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  1. Its odd really, Martha Stewart Jr. Women dont really do the whole same name thing as their mothers, and they cant really be Jrs, because when they get married their name changes. Glad to hear you are recovering so well though.